✴ UTEST Material Testing ✴

Cement Testing 水泥測試

Packaged Cement Tube Sampler

High Pressure Cement Autoclave

Three Gang Shrinkage Mould

Two Gang Shrinkage Mould

Length Comparator

Cement Flow Table EN

Motorized Cement Flow Table ASTM

Motorized Cement Flow Table EN

Cement Flow Table ASTM

Cement Flow Mould ASTM

Temper EN/Cement Flow Mould

Manual Mortar Mixer

Automatic Programmable Mortar Mixer

Jolting Table EN

Jolting Table with Soundproof Safety Cabinet

Vibrating Machine

Curling Cabinet

Cement Compression Frame

Cement Compression/Flexure Frame

Upper Loading Platen with Ball Seating Assembly

Distance Piece

Hand Operated Hydraulic Power Pack

Motorized (Semi-Automatic) Hydrolic Power Bank

Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack with U-Tough

Manual Cement Compression Testing Machine

Semi-Automatic (Motorized) Cement Compressing Testing Machine

Automatic Cement Testing Machine

UTEST Software

Jigs for Compression and Flexure Tests

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