✴ UTEST Material Testing ✴

Soil Testing 土壤測試

Water Level Indicator (50/100/150/200m)

Pocket Dial Penetrometer

Pocket Dial Penetrometer

Pocket Dial Penetrometer

Universal Speedy Moisture Testing

Speedy Moisture Testing

Hand Operated Hydraulic Specimen Extruder

Motorized Hydraulic Specimen Extruder

Motorized Hydraulic Extruder

Marshall CBR Protor Specimen Extruder

Melting Pot (3L)

Manual Liquid Limit Device

Motorized Liquid Limit Device

Plastic Limit Test Set

Shrinkage Limit Test Set

Linear Shrinkage Mould

Hydrometer Test Set

Semi-Automatic Penetrometer

Soil Dispersion Mixer

Front Loading Oedometer

Consolidation Cell for High Pressure

Automatic Direct- Residual Shear Test Machine

Triaxial UU-CU-CD Test Systems

Triaxial UU-CU-CD Test Systems

Multiplex Universal Electronmechanic Test Machine

Soil Triaxial Test Softwares

Triaxial Cells and Sample Preparation Accessories

Oil and Water Constant Pressure System

Automatic Volume Change Unit

Pressure Transducer

De-Airing Water Systems

De-Airing Water Systems

Proctor Moulds And Rammers

Automatic Soil Compactor

Automatic Mechanical Compactor

Vibratory Compaction Set

Proctor Penetrometers

CBR Test Machines, Moulds & Accessories

CBR Test Machine with Load Ring

Automatic CBR Test Machine

CBR Mould and Accessories ASTM

CBR Mould and Accessories AS

CBR Mould and Accessories EN

CBR Mould and Accessories BS

CBR Mould and Accessories NF

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