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Cement Testing 水泥測試

水泥是一種結合材料,混合石料產生混凝土。高質量的水泥對於生產混凝土及砂漿十分重要,ELE 一系列的水泥測試設備專業準確,符合國際評估標準。

ADRP 250/25 Cement Machine

  • 250 kN maximum capacity
  • Automatic loading cycle
  • 25 kN low capacity frame supplied as standard
  • Tests mortar, lime, cement and fly ash
  • complete with compression/flexural jigs and platen sets

Air Entrainment Meter


  • 0.75 litre capacity
  • complete with integral pump

Laboratory Humidifier/Vaporiser

  • 220-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Used to humidify curing rooms for concrete and mortar specimens

  • Max room capacity 500 m3
  • Complete with level regulator with anti-overflow that allows direct connection to the water network for continuous use

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